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A family tradition of enjoying God’s great outdoors.


“Arise, Shine, for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.”

Isaiah 60:1

The 2015-2016 hunting season is ramping up.

McCrea Outdoors was started by Kenny McCrea in the summer of 1989. He started out with 8,000 acres in prime whitetail deer habitat in the San Angelo and Mertzon, Texas area.

McCrea Outdoors has expanded over the years and now hunts on over 75,000 acres. McCrea Outdoors offers some of the best low fence, free-ranging, fair-chase whitetail deer hunting in Texas.

We also offer excellent Rio Grande turkey hunting as well as 27 species of the most popular exotics. Some of our exotic ranches do offer 200″+ whitetail bucks upon request. These bucks are not low fence, but they certainly are beautiful trophies.

McCrea Outdoors works closely with the Texas Parks and Wildlife department in managing the deer herds on our ranches maintaining a buck to doe ratio of 1 to 1.5. We also keep the herd within the carrying capacity of the land that they live on. In our area of the state that is about one deer per 12-15 acres.  That means there are a lot of deer and more importantly, a lot of bucks to choose from on any given hunt.

McCrea Outdoors conducts helicopter surveys every year to determine the number of animals that need to be harvested to keep the herd healthy. Year in and year out we have been able to maintain a high percentage of mature deer in our buck population which stays in the 35-40% mature range. We strive to kill only mature bucks after they have reached 5.5 years old or older. This allows them to reach their full antler growth potential and to live out a normal life span. The only exception to this management plan is the culling of bucks that are genetically inferior and the occasional mistake.

What does all the above information mean to hunters who come to, or who are thinking about coming to hunt with McCrea Outdoors?   It means that they will have a wonderful time and see a lot of well-managed free-ranging whitetail deer and enjoy seeing more bucks than doe on most hunts. It also means that they will have a 100% opportunity rate while hunting with McCrea Outdoors or they get a return hunt for free.

Click here to check out the pictures of last season’s Trophies!

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