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Low Fence Hunts

Unlike High Fence Hunts, Low Fence Hunts take place on land not surrounded by game proof fences.

The game is free range and can often take more legwork to find and kill, but some hunters relish in the extra chase required to take home their trophy.

All hunts are one buck and 2 doe. Lodging, meals and guide included.

2020 Pricing for Low Fence Hunts
Trophy Buck Hunt
$4,900.00 includes one (1) mature buck 130+ and two (2) doe. Four (4) days of hunting and three (3) nights lodging.
Management Buck Hunt
$3,200.00 includes one (1) management buck up to 129 B&C, and one (1) doe. Three (3) days of hunting and two (2) nights lodging.
Cull Buck Hunt
$1,500 includes one (1) cull buck, and one (1) doe. Two (2) days of hunting and one (1) night lodging.
Doe Hunt
Contact for pricing and availability.
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