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Kenny McCrea


Texas Hunting Guide, McCrea Outdoors, Kenny McCreaKenny has been an avid hunter since 1971. He received his B.A. in Management and Communications from Angelo State University. He has been active in marketing and sales since 1984 and worked in the communications industry for 17 years. Kenny is the founder of McCrea Outdoors, established in 1989. He has been dealing with landowners and guiding hunters since 1987.

Kenny currently manages the wildlife on over 75,000 acres of private property in Texas and conducts exotic hunts on several ranches as well. Kenny is very active in the wildlife industry and works in many roles as a wildlife manager and outfitter. They include helicopter surveys, trail camera surveys, gathering data for harvest recommendations, supplemental feeding programs, maintaining healthy sex ratios and land carrying capacities.

Kenny works closely with the Texas Parks and Wildlife department to implement and maintain Managed Land Deer Programs (MLDP) on most of the properties on which McCrea Outdoors does their hunting.

Kenny has produced or furnished video footage that is used on national TV for the enjoyment of sportsmen everywhere. Working with television shows like Mathews TV with Dave Watson, Primos-The Truth about Whitetails, Primos-The Truth about Hunting, Mossy Oak’s Hunting the Country, Dr. Deer with Dr. James Kroll, North American Whitetail, Trophy Quest Outdoors, Destination Polaris, Double Bull Archery and Jay Gregory’s “Wild Outdoors”.

Kenny is married to Gina and has one daughter Kenna, son-in-law Cody and a grandson Briley and two granddaughters Taylor Anne and Ainsley Grace.


Randy McCrea

Guide/Ranch Manager

Texas Hunting Guide, McCrea Outdoors, Randy McCrea
Randy is a master mason and has 45+ years of experience in the construction industry. He is a contract manager for McCrea Company specializing in the commerical market. Randy has been ranching cattle and/or sheep for many years which is another one of his outdoor passions.

Randy is at home in the outdoors, he has over 50 years of hunting experience and knows how to find mature whitetail bucks. He has several years of guiding experience and really enjoys his time with his hunters, especially kids. He is very calm and patient and works well with his hunters to help insure that they are successful.

Randy is the manager over our 16,000 acres of hunting ranchland in Sterling County, Texas and runs the camp there. He is also Kenny’s brother.

Randy is married and has a daughter, a son and five grandchildren.

Micky McCrea


Texas Hunting Guide, McCrea Outdoors, Mickey McCrea
Micky has a degree in architecture from Texas A&M University and owns a commercial building construction company. He has served as a hunting guide since 1989. He is also Kenny’s brother.

Micky began hunting with his family at the age of eight. Blessed with a mother and father that loved hunting, fishing and the outdoors, he grew up with five brothers and a sister that were all introduced to these outdoor experiences at a young age. Sharing his enthusiasm for hunting with family and friends throughout his life came naturally. Micky is married and has three children.

Working as a hunting guide has provided a rewarding avenue to share hunting experiences and stories with people from all over the country.

Micky is married and has one daughter, two sons and 3 grandchildren. 


Bud Priedecker

Camp Cook

Texas Hunting Guide, McCrea Outdoors, Bud PriedeckerBud has been cooking for hunting camps for 25 years and really enjoys satisfying the appetites of hungry hunters . He works hard to meet any special diet needs if they arise and takes pride in his work. He has been cooking for McCrea Outdoors since 2006.

Bud is a retired fireman that proudly served his community and fellow man. He not only cooks but helps keep things running and working wether it is a lawnmower, feeder timer, motor, solar panel or hunting blind. Bud can just about fix anything and he has everything to do it in his truck. We call him the mobile Wal-Mart.

Bud has cooked for several TV hunting shows and their host like Dave Watson with Mathews TV, Suzuki Great Outdoors with Larry Csonka and Bill Laimbeer, Mossy Oak with Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland and “Mighty” Joe White, Realtree with Michael Waddell as well as Cabelas, Primos and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Bud’s style of cooking is good old home style and he makes some of the best steaks and chicken fried baskstrap with cream gravey you ever tasted. Early in the morning before the hunt, sweet rolls, orange jucie, bottled water and hot coffee are available. After the morning hunt, guides and hunters come in and eat a breakfest/brunch which consist of one of the following:

Eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns and biscuits. Or Pancakes and bacon or sausage and sometimes oatmeal, grits, and toast or cold ceral.

During the day, sandwiches, chili, chicken and dumplings or soup are available. Supper is served after the evening hunt. This meals consist of some of the following: BBQ brisket, grilled meats like pork chops, beef, fish and burgers, fried meats using venison, turkey or exoctic meats when available along with potatoes and vegetables.

Desserts consist of pies, cobblers, puddings, cakes and ice cream. Coffee, orange juice, milk, soft drinks( diet and regular) bottled water and gatorades are available at any time.

Bud has two children and three grandchildren.

Mick North

Guide/Ranch Manager

Mick is a long time friend of Kenny's and he takes care of a lot of the day to day operations year round. 

Mick has grown up hunting and fishing and is quite the outdoorsman. He loves to cover lots of country on foot using the spot and stalk method of hunting and is always successful for his hunters. He is very much a gentleman, and like all of our guides he takes his job of getting his hunter a good buck seriously.

He has hunted and guided with McCrea Outdoors for several years and knows his way around all of our ranches. Come see Mick, he will greet you with a warm smile and a friendly handshake and can’t wait to help you get that buck you are looking for.

Mick lives in the San Angelo, Texas area and has one daughter and 2 sons.

Seth Manship


Texas Hunting Guide, McCrea Outdoors, Seth Manship
 Seth has been working and guiding for McCrea Outdoors since 2008. He knows all of the ranches very well and he is very passionate about hunting, both for his hunter and himself. He is young, full of life, fun and a all around hard worker.

Seth can walk the hills all day long to find that special buck if the hunter is up to the task.

Seth is married and has one daughter.

Ricky Perez

GuideVersion 2

Ricky loves the outdoors and has been hunting most of his life. He loves archery hunting and rifle hunting and has taken his fair share of wild game over the years.

Ricky has been a guide for McCrea Outdoors since 2015 and he always does a great job. He loves to bow hunt, but he enjoys taking hunters out with their rifle just as well. Ricky, like all of our guides, has just as much fun as his hunter does and shares equally in the excitement when the hunter takes his buck. We are all just kids at heart and love watching our hunters being successful time and time again.

Jory Rector


Texas Hunting Guide, McCrea Outdoors, Jory Rector
Jory has been hunting most of his life and is an avid outdoorsman. He has been managing whitetail deer for many years and he enjoys helping grow bucks to their greatest potential.

Jory owns a fencing company that does residential and commerical fencing.

Jory is Married and has one son.

Mark McCrea


Texas Hunting Guide, McCrea Outdoors, Mark McCrea
Mark has been hunting and fishing since 1973 and is an avid outdoorsman. He started working for UPS in 1986 and plans to retire from there.

Mark is a natural when it comes to hunting and he really enjoys spot and stalk hunting and rattling. Mark has been guiding hunts since 1991. He is also Kenny’s brother.

Mark is married and has one son and two daughters.

Jarrod Holliday


Texas Hunting Guide, McCrea Outdoors, Jarrod Holliday
Jarrod has BS in range and wildlife management and has guided for McCrea Outdoors since 2006. He loves the outdoors and is an devoted sportsman. Over the years Jarrod has gotten to know the ranches and the wildlife on them very well and knows how to insure that his hunter has a fun and successful hunt.





Bob Corcorran

Guide/Ranch Manager

Texas Hunting Guide, McCrea Outdoors, Bob Corcorran
Bob is from Lubbock, Texas and owns restaurants there. Bob retired and now lives in Llano, Tx so he could be close to his grandkids. He has been hunting and fishing for over 50 years. Bob has been very active in the management of whitetail deer and quail for many years.

Bob is married and has three sons and three grandchildren.

Tuffy Marrow


Texas Hunting Guide, McCrea Outdoors, Tuffy Marrow
Tuffy has been hunting since he was eight years old and loves chasing after big whitetails. He started guiding and working with McCrea Outdoors in 2010 and has been great addition to our team.

Tuffy is married and has two daughters.


The 2020-2021 hunting season is ramping up
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